Cyclists are at an increased risk of accidents and are more likely to stop at another accident. When dealing with a cycling accident, there is also the risk of being hit by another vehicle. This course is aimed at all cyclists, whether you race or use your cycle in town. This course covers basic life support skills and the specific problems that are faced by cyclists. The course can be taught locally or at your local cycle club.


This course includes the latest CPR and Coronavirus recommendations.


The course covers the issues that are likely to be found by cyclists at all levels.

All our first aid courses fully meet the latest UK and European Resuscitation Council Guidelines 2015 as per the HSE requirements.

First Aid for Cyclists

  • This course must be at least 6 contact hours and run over a minimum of 1 day and the certificate is valid for 3 years. 

  • Below is the content of the online course. Classroom courses may vary slightly.

    • Introduction to Cycle First Aid
      • Fears of first aid
      • Asking permission to help
      • Scene Safety
      • Chain of Survival
      • DRAB and the ABCDs
      • Initial Assessment and the Recovery Position
      • Road safety
      • Barriers - gloves and face shields
      • Initial assessment
      • ID Tags and Bracelets
    • Cardiac problems
      • Adult CPR introduction
      • Adult CPR
      • One rescuer CPR
      • Chest compressions only
      • CPR Handover
      • Drowning
      • AED Introduction
      • Child CPR
      • Child CPR Breakdown
      • CPR hand over to a second rescuer
    • Heart Attack and Stroke
      • Stroke
      • Heart Attack
      • Heart Attack Position
      • Aspirin and the Aspod
    • Choking Management
      • Adult Choking
      • Child Choking
    • Bleeding Control
      • Types of Bleeding
      • Serious Bleeding
      • Embedded Objects
      • Plasters
      • Minor Injuries
      • Other Types of Injury
    • Dealing with Injuries
      • Secondary Care Introduction
      • Strains and Sprains (RICE)
      • Adult Fractures
      • Splints
      • Dislocated Shoulders and Joints
      • Head Injuries and treatment
      • Head Injury
      • Spinal Injury
      • Spinal Recovery Position
      • Eye Injuries
      • Embedded objects in the eye
      • Burns and Burns Kits
      • treating a burn
      • Treating a Burn with Cling Film
      • Chest injury

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